Archery, as it is called today has been practiced by man since the beginning of human kind. Through this workshop, participants can learn as a team, a set of skills using bows and arrows.

After going through the basics, a “killer application” (punt intended) is quickly introduced in the form of a hunting game. Here, the team can further sharpen their skills as they gain experience -shooting at different angles and distances to hit the game targets.

In the following individual competition, the team will have a chance to compete with each other using modern competition rules. Awards will be given to the best.

Once the winners are determined, we will engage them to lead a team that they’ll hand pick into a team challenge. Individual proficiency, strategic moves, team working, communication with each other will all be important factors to bring success to the team.

The program will conclude with an awards presentation. A roaring team spirit will be captured from the group in the final group photo session.

There will be many photo opportunities throughout the event, so please arrange for a good camera person!


Venue: Outdoor Range
1 Orchid Club Road, Orchid Country Club, Singapore 769162

Program: Safety & Technical Briefing, Shooting Practice, Hunting game, Individual competition, Team Competition, Awards presentation, Group photo.

Included: Individual prize, Target score sheets, Customized group poster.

Optional: Team prize, Arrow pen, Complimentary Voucher, Team Challenge arrow.

Bookings: Please contact Daniel Mok at 6346-4788 / 9852-3542 or email to for more information on available dates and group rates.